Business Operations Strategy

From the sourcing of inputs to the last-mile delivery of services, our goal to establish smart businesses. In our every operational design and operations set-up initiative, we focus not only on achieving optimal effectiveness and efficiency, but also sustainability. We understand that resources get increasingly scarce, so we begin with the mission of helping you derive the most returns from every dollar investment. We have deep industry experience across the Retail/FMCGs, Agribusiness, Digital/Technology, Professional and Creative Services and Manufacturing.

Change Management

Organizational Change Management (OCM) is a framework for managing the effects of new business processes, changes in organizational structure or cultural changes within an enterprise. OCM helps in the user adoption of the new process enterprise-wide. The approach is for people within the Organization to learn new behaviour and skill for smooth transition from the old or newly introduced behaviour and skills.

Comaks Technologies have standardized OCM model proven over the years from our past engagements with our customers, by formally setting expectations, employing tools to improve communication and proactively seeking ways to reduce misinformation which helps stakeholders to buy into the change and continuously adopt change in your organization.

Our strategies include: Ability to carry stakeholders along with change and agreement for common vision for change, Preparing and educating employee on the changes of their day-to-day work, and constant measuring threshold for change and stakeholders adoption.

The importance of OCM cannot be over emphasized as many Project implementations have failed as a result of poor Organizational Change Management due to low stakeholder adoption. You can trust us in handling your Organizational Change Management within your enterprise and Projects.

Competitive Marketing Strategy

Often times, knowing how you stack against competitors is vital to keep customers attracted to your product or service. We are able to identify and evaluate both direct and indirect competitors through activities such as market scan, competitive landscape assessment, consumer preference survey, mystery shopping and other competitor-related exercises, we gather insights regarding the competitive forces that will enable you shape your business strategy.

Business Process Reengineering

Business process re-engineering/Optimisation is the analysis and redesigning of business workflow within and between enterprises in order to optimize end-to-end business processes and automate non-value-added tasks. Our expertise on BPR has helped organization to work orderly and streamline Processes, cut operational tasks, Improve Customer service and proper restructuring of customer's organization by focusing on the End to End processes. We focus on Business process Re-design, Business transformation and Proper Business Process Change management for proper adoption Enterprise-wide.

We help companies to become more flexible, responsive, efficient and effective for all stakeholders including customers, employees and owners. We helps companies focus more on customers, Empowering employees, Focusing on result rather than activities, Initiate and manage cross-functional processes and standardize concurrent and streamlined business process.

Our Service is the foundation of successes for Our Solutions. We have been able to achieve this by the expertise of our in-house BPR Team for the standardization of the Organizational Business Process before the Implementation of a selected Solution. We deliver Benchmark Assessment, Process mapping and Process Management. With such proven tools and techniques, we are able to identify and analyse business processes, evaluate inherent cost, quality and time implications, eliminate redundancies, establish efficient handshakes and recommend smart process optimisation changes that will recover and deliver significant value to you. We adapt best practise BPI frameworks (such as LEAN, KAIZEN and SIX SIGMA) to suit your specific business situation.

Project Management Services

Comaks Technologies offers Project Management service. We offer comprehensive, customized support to owners and managers of projects of all types and sizes. Our project management service involves the definition, leadership, planning, management, control and delivery of projects on your behalf, ensuring your corporate goals are achieved. Our teams and associates offer great breadth and depth of project experience, and their expertise is further augmented by their commitment to a team approach. We offer general project management services applicable to all disciplines, such as Scheduling, Project Risk Management and Training, and also offer core IT Project management. Peakware Consulting project management consulting personnel will work with your organization to deliver near-term successes on your projects while moving your organization in the right direction. Our consultants are PMP certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Our Project Management Consulting Services includes but not limited to below:
Independent consultancy
Development management
Portfolio management
Contract administration
Executive or turnkey project management
In house team strengthening
Independent certification
Project audits

Business Feasibility Studiese

As a pre-requisite to a "full-picture" business plan, we provide you with feasibility studies by conducting a quick assessment. The outcome being the fact-based and data-driven insights you need to make a "go" or "no-go" decision. This service often involves the development of a snapshot business canvas, business case validation, operational design and description, basic financial modeling and scenario analysis. The service also helps our clients identify the most critical success factors (MCSFs*) for their intended business venture.

Our Projects & Services

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