Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions

ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning Software) is an integrated system used by businesses to combine, organize and maintain the data necessary for operations. ERP systems merge each of the company?s key operations, including the manufacturing, distribution, financial, human resources and customer relations departments, into one software system. For many companies, the ERP software is the heart of their operations and the backbone of the organization.

ERP software can revitalize a business by streamlining and synchronizing its separate departments into one unified, precise and easily handled software system. We at Peakware Consulting have vast knowledge, skills and expertise in delivering ERP Solutions for your Organization. With our Consultants-combined years of experience implementing different Solution from different Vendors, we guarantee ultimately ROI and a transparent streamlined business process is achieved.

At Comaks Technologies, We provide you with selectable options of ERP software for your business determined by size, industry and Business Process, and we assist in the Implementation and also with Organizational Change Management to ensure the topmost return on investment, and improvement in the performance of your business. We have Proficiencies in SAP, SAGE, Oracle, Odoo and Microsoft dynamics ERP Solutions.

Enterprise Mobile Solutions

Enterprise Mobility brings employees productivity on the go with email, seemly document collaboration, Customer Relationship (CRM) records or Business Intelligence on Mobile devices with complete integration with other business Apps. This helps with access to secured data from anywhere at any time with an internet enabled Mobile device. Comaks Technologies provides you with Enterprise Mobile Solutions suitable for your business. We presently offer Enterprise Mobile Solutions for these selected industries: Education, Enterprise, Finance, Government, Legal, Retails, Small and medium business and Transportation.

With our wide-range of Solutions cutting across Industries, We are sure of solving your Enterprise Mobile challenges. We help companies to achieve quality goals of implementing enterprise mobility Solutions based on our proven methodology and best practices from requirements and specifications, to implementation, maintenance and training. We specialize in Bespoke Android, IOS and Window based Solution designed to suite your organizational need. Portal and Mobile Application Development Comaks Technologies brings a complete range of high-end Enterprise Portal and Mobile development services to our customers. We hold proven expertise in handling complex Project requirements to meeting our Client business needs with adequate Support strategy after Go-Live that are efficient enough to suffice businesses.

Below is the list of our Portal and Mobile Application Development:
Enterprise Portals
Corporate Intranet Portals
E-commerce Portal development
Payments and billings
Public Web Portal
Entertainment Portal
B2B portal development
B2C portal development
E-learning portal
Bespoke Application Development

Software Quality Assurance

Software quality assurance (SQA) provides a means of monitoring and testing the softwares, end-to-end engineering processes to ensure quality in delivery. Based on our years of experience on small, medium and Large Software Projects spanning across Energy and utility, Manufacturing and Telecoms, we have proven track on End to End Software Testing Knowledge, Skills and Expertise from Unit Testing to Functional testing to Integration Testing and User acceptance testing. We work closely with your business subject matter expert to ensure compliance, design and to make sure the software Solution adhere to the standard of your Organization and Governmental guidelines at every phase of the Project in parallel with Project time lines.
At Comaks Technoogies, We bring in the Industry?s Best-Practice End to End Software Testing knowledge, Skills and Expertise on Projects by proper management of identified defects, fix, Retest by the business and proper closure for Smooth and Quality Software Projects. We manage and reduce risk and increase the Productivity of your Projects.

Our Testing activities includes:
Test Planning
Functionality Testing
Regression Testing
Integration Testing
Automation Testing
Performance Testing
Load, Stress Testing
Usability Testing
Compatibility Testing
Security Testing
Acceptance Testing

Big Data and Analytics Solution

Business intelligence has helped businesses over the years by transforming raw data into meaningful and useful information for business purpose and critical business decisions. Enterprise Business Intelligence (EBI) pointed organization to emerging trends business trends, identification of new markets, improvement in customer efficiency, improvement in operations and increment in revenue generation.

Big data and analytics can help companies ask sophisticated questions that make new connections between seemingly unrelated trends. Big data and analytics can power new types of applications that provide real-time feedback, putting insights directly into the hands of people who can use such information.

Big data solutions can conveniently handle large volumes of data, can also require people with a specific and hard-to-find skill-set in order to get results. Typically, business process experts feel shut out from advances because new systems are too hard to use, which lead to low adoption of Big data. The next generation Business Intelligence System known as Big data offers extensive capabilities and features.

Big data is the answer to your company's question as business demands proper Business analysis. We at Commaks Technologies have the right knowledge, skill and expertise in the Implementation of Big Data and Analytics by providing you with the right technology and resource, as these are the core in getting the best out of Big Data and Analytics. Our Big Data Solutions are driven by Hadoop as Comaks Technologies is a Cloudera Partner which is the leading Apache Hadoop Big data Vendor globally. Our Analytics Solutions are driven by Tableau, a visual analytics Tools and SAP Business Intelligence.

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