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Comaks Technologies is committed to taking ideas from conception to delivery.

About Us

Our teams are combining professional IT skills and business information with analytics and technology to advance whats possible in the way we meet our clients needs and to advance what's possible in the world by promoting their business.

Our Mission

Our reputation in the I.T industry is very high in that we have the capabilities and international recognition to help your organization best meet todays IT challenges and in turn achieves maximum result from Microsoft technology, methodologies, tools, training and skills in a cost-effective way.

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Our Services


Our clients can testify about quality of our works, excellent customer services, above and beyond unparallel quality servcies, timely completion of projects, from the planning of the project to it's completion we guarantee you our support with no additional cost.


With the emerging space that we live in, new trends come by the seconds, so also is our innovative team. Having a look at our Projets will leave you with no doubt of how we have collaborated with developers of new technologies in our relevant fields of operations, came up with so many new ideas just to meet our clients need.


Over the years been involved in the design, trainings, installations of electrical and data cabling, network infrastructure and consultancy. We have researched, discover and appreciate what our client not only want but what they need. it is our pleasure, commitment and piority to get our clients the best value for their money

3D/4D Designs

We offer 3D Architectural drawings, plans and projects.

Why choose us

20 Years of Experience

Over 20 years of experience in Information, Communication & Technology world, we're poised to enhance innovation to support each customer's success. Combining information & analytics to help customers make more informed decisions & achieve better outcomes.

More than 50 Successful Projects

We've been able to put smile on almost all of our client's face, giving them ideas on how they can be more effective in incorporating ITC to what they do. Work for individuals and organisation in developing dynamics professional websites, provide ICT infrastructure to companies, deploy web and mobile apps.


ICT Empowerment


Business Consulting & Outsourcing


Enterprise Software Solution


Web Development

24/7 Support

Comaks Technologies provides timely 24 hours customer care support on all our products and services.

Well Tailored

Our services / technology or training are well tailored to meet the needs of our clients for a productive output.

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